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LifeArc-AUTM technology transfer career training fellowships 2020


If so, apply for a place on our technology training fellowship programme and get fast track training into the world of technology transfer - where you’ll be helping to ensure the great science can make a real difference to patients lives. To find out more, please visit the LifeArc website.

Each fellow receives:

AUTM Membership

UK SPINE 2020 conference


UK SPINE conference, Jurys’ Inn Birmingham, November 18th 2020

UK SPINE – A multi-institute initiative to accelerate drug discovery for healthy ageing - is hosting its annual conference in Birmingham, UK. The theme is: How does the UK lead the race to deliver five extra healthy years of life by 2035.

The University of West London KE Workshops

Following COVID-19, please contact The University of West London to check on future workshop dates

The University of West London has developed a range of workshops and masterclasses, drawing from the expertise of our staff, and designed to assist individuals and organisations to develop interest, knowledge and skills for future potentials. 

We also offer bespoke training packages to organisations by tailoring the content to your organisation’s specific requirements. 

TTO Opportunities

In 2019 a new colleague joined our KTO office - so myself together with my fellow co-workers set out to guide her and let her know how to kick-off her career in technology transfer. I realised that over the relatively short amount of time I have been with a TTO (3 years), I got to learn about multiple opportunities.  So, I decided to write about all the opportunities I came to know about during my experience in this blog post, hoping it will be helpful for those who are just about to join our world of technology transfer.  

Opportunity for Funding to Support Researchers Planning Future Spin-Outs in the area of Healthy Ageing


The scope of this funding is for any translational activity which will accelerate the development of new therapeutics which improve health in old age. This could include diagnostics or daily-living monitoring technology that could be used to stratify or provide novel endpoints for a clinical trial.

Up to £75k per project is available. This fund can only cover direct costs, and only English HEIs are eligible to apply.

For further information, please contact