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How do R&D teams evaluate new opportunities?


Written by Daniel Judd. Edited by Alex Stockham. Originally published on the IN-PART website


Presenting the right information

When an R&D professional reviews an opportunity to collaborate with a university, the decision to pass or to learn more ultimately comes down to whether they have all the relevant information to hand. If a project summary doesn’t have the right information, the perfect company will often pass or lose interest. 

CRACK IT Solutions: In vitro platform for retinal toxicity assessment and disease modelling

In vitro platform for retinal toxicity assessment and disease modelling

Newcells Biotech Ltd. seek companies able to provide ocular compounds and corresponding in vivo/in vitro data, to validate their retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) model.  


Strength in Places Fund shortlist announced by UKRI

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has announced a shortlist of 24 projects from across the UK in the first phase of its Strength in Places Fund. Each of the projects has been awarded up to £50k in early-stage funding, which will allow applicants to develop full-stage bids. Teams behind these projects will submit bids to UKRI in late 2019, with four to eight of the strongest to receive between £10m and £50m each to carry out projects designed to drive substantial economic growth in places across the UK and in diverse technology and industry sectors.

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