Blog: KE Matters

2024’s Successes and Next Steps for our AHSS and Social Venture Building CoP

23 Feb 2024

Our Community of Practice is open and free to all professionals working in this space.

What Awaits KE Professionals in 2024

23 Jan 2024

As we start the new calendar year, what does it hold for knowledge exchange and KE professionals? We asked our Head of Policy & Governance, Tamsin Man.

How to improve KE in the UK | Part 2: how to grow the skills we need

18 Dec 2023

In the second of a series of blogs about how to improve Knowledge Exchange in the UK, David Russell sets out a positive agenda for developing our collective capacity to meet the nation’s strategic needs.

Knowledge Exchange – a matter of life and death

3 Nov 2023

Explore the pivotal role of knowledge exchange and its potential life-saving impact in a compelling blog article by David Russell, offering a thought-provoking response to Professor Carl Heneghan's recent commentary in The Spectator on the ongoing Covid Inquiry.