About us

PraxisAuril is the UK's professional association for Knowledge Exchange practitioners

Knowledge Exchange (KE) is a collaborative, creative endeavour that translates knowledge and research into impact in society and the economy (a definition agreed by global KE/TT alliance, ATTP). PraxisAuril is the UK’s professional association for KE practitioners working in universities, private and public sector research organisations to manage IP commercialisation, collaboration and other types of engagement between researchers and external organisations to deliver social and economic impact through innovation and enhanced productivity and skills. 

Based in the UK but global in reach, our network includes 4000+ active KE practitioners from more than 182 member organisations as well as key sector stakeholders, industry service providers, and business representatives. Our core mission is to Develop, Promote and Connect our members and the work that they do to ensure that the UK derives economic, social and creative impact from its world-leading research base. 

Our national training programme is admired around the world for the quality of it content and the knowledge of the expert practitioners who deliver it. We have trained over 5,300 Knowledge Exchange practitioners from 40 countries, including 400 in China.

Since 2002 the Cambridge-based executive team has worked with hundreds of expert practitioner volunteers to extend the organisation’s professional development, membership and advocacy activities nationally and internationally. 

PraxisAuril is a company limited by guarantee. It generates income from membership fees, professional development training courses, conferences and other services and events. Any profits are reinvested strategically into projects and initiatives to develop, promote and connect the Knowledge Exchange community.