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Transport Systems Catapult Academic Network for Intelligent Mobility

The Transport Systems Catapult's (TSC) Academic Network for Intelligent Mobility (ANIM) is currently the primary method of communicating with TSC's academic stakeholders and researchers to tell them about our latest news events and opportunities.  The network supports the exchange of ideas, knowledge, learning and the opportunity to promote collaboration.

ESGI145 : 8-12 April 2019



The 145th European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) - 8-12 April 2019 - University of Cambridge 

Across a five day workshop, the ESGI brings mathematicians and industrialists together working side by side to solve the real and important issues that companies are facing today.


'Patent to Patient' looks at regulatory delays in drug innovation

The Institute for Cancer Research, London, has released a report looking at cancer drug delivery in the NHS and the rate of drug development across different types of cancer. ‘Patent to Patient’  analysed the regulatory regime and found that NHS patients are waiting longer for new cancer drugs because of delays in taking them through clinical trials and getting them approved for use. 

Open Data and Living Labs: Paul Beasley of Siemens talks about unique partnership opportunities at UK Universities

About Professor Paul Beasley,Head of R&D UK at Siemens

Professor Paul Beasley has been Head of R&D UK at Siemens since 2014.  Paul is responsible for managing and developing research collaborations in the UK. The role includes identifying research opportunities, collaboration management and assessment of Siemens’ university initiatives in the UK.  His team also supports the Siemens global talent acquisition initiative.


Building on Success: Mark Jefferies and Kate Barnard talk about why Rolls-Royce funds UK-based University Technology Centres

About Mark Jefferies, Chief of University Research Liaison at Rolls-Royce

Mark Jefferies is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society with responsibility for the worldwide academic research partnerships for the Rolls-Royce group.  This includes 31 University Technology Centres (UTCs), engaging hundreds of researchers and more than 500 PhD students. 




Ed Krause talks about Ford’s open partnership processes and why a US company would choose UK Academic collaborators


About Ed Krause, Global Manager, External Alliances of Ford Motor Company

Ed Krause has been working in R&D for Ford for nearly 20 years.  He has global responsibility for developing technology and competitive advantage for Ford via collaborative research and development project portfolios involving universities and partner companies.

Steven Harris of BAE Systems talks about why the defence sector chooses to partner with UK universities

About Dr Steven Harris, Head of External Partnerships and Brokering at BAE Systems

Dr Harris has spent his career at BAE Systems (currently 30 years and counting), and there he began managing external partnerships in 2012. He is responsible for developing strategic relationships in academic and government institutions, as well as developing collaborative engagement with SMEs.