ABPI 2020 Academic Links survey

Since 2003 the ABPI have undertaken a biennial review of the interactions of pharmaceutical companies with universities and have collated data to demonstrate the value of the UK science base to the pharmaceutical sector.   These data are often cited in ABPI consultation documents to government. 


The ABPI’s 2020 Academic Links survey was published on 22nd May and it contains data on undergraduate placements, apprenticeships, PhD studentships and innovative collaborative projects involving large numbers of individuals in academia. 

The interactive report is available on the ABPI website here and shows:

•    A 4-fold increase in apprenticeships since 2013, with R&D apprenticeships having more than doubled since 2017
•    That the 600 undergraduate placements offered by the industry cover more than 19 business areas, with 48% of placements being in R&D
•    The UK pharmaceutical sector supports more than 500 post-graduate students.
•    Industry-academic interactions cover more than 100 academic institutions from across the UK and beyond

These latest results are a key output from the ABPI Academic Collaboration, Education & Skill (ACES) Strategic Leadership Group chaired by Malcolm Skingle who has written a blog to increase the visibility of these results, available here.