Professional recognition with RTTP

PraxisAuril is a founding member of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals.  Being part of ATTP enables PraxisAuril to offer to its members internationally benchmarked and accredited CE points for training courses and conferences.

RTTP is the international professional standard for knowledge transfer and commercialisation practitioners working in universities, industry and government labs. The RTTP framework recognises demonstrated competence and experience across the breadth of knowledge exchange, from IP commercialisation through to university business collaboration and start-up company creation. RTTP signals personal and professional credibility, and tells employers, colleagues and business partners worldwide that:

  • You are an experienced, skilled professional with a proven record of achievement
  • You work effectively and creatively to add significant value and deliver outcomes
  • You have demonstrated competence, integrity, vision, versatility and perseverance
  • You have undertaken relevant training courses and/or gained qualifications that enable you to perform well and that have helped you to build a rich network

For those who are new to the profession, ‘Candidate RTTP’ is a new designation that allows entrants to the profession to signal that they are committed to a pathway of training and development and are working towards earning RTTP. It indicates to employers that they are serious about their career and aspire to meet the highest standards.

RTTP invites career advancement and mobility, international recognition – and great job satisfaction in a rewarding role that can literally change the world! There are over 500 professionals worldwide who have all been awarded this credential. Why not join them?

Access to World-Class Training Events

While on the pathway to earning RTTP, you will be afforded the chance to attend practitioner-led training events offered by Alliance partner Associations and other approved providers. ATTP applies a stringent review process of all training programs which carry CE points towards RTTP.  Alliance Associations offer high quality, relevant and diverse knowledge and technology transfer training which offer those new to the profession a great start to their careers.

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RTTP is the International Standard for the Professional Competence & Experience of Knowledge Exchange/Knowledge Transfer/Technology Transfer (KE/KT/TT) practitioners working in universities, industry and government labs based on a track record of real world-achievement. There are over 500 members worldwide who have all been recognised by their peers.

To earn RTTP you must demonstrate that you possess the core competencies needed to work effectively in the profession and that you have an established track record.


KE/KT/TT Experience

You must be able to demonstrate that you have been in a relevant role for at least three years.

To be eligible to apply for RTTP, you must submit a CV showing you have been in the KE/KT/TT profession or in a role using similar skills for at least 3 years and be a Member of an Alliance Association. Visit the ATTP homepage for a list of Alliance members.


You must be able to demonstrate that you have gained the key skills required to be effective and to perform your role independently

This is demonstrated by EITHER:

 60 RTTP CE points achieved in accredited KE/KT/TT training programmes, with the following configuration

  • Face-to-Face training (minimum 30 points, no maximum)
    • Examples: Training courses, Masterclasses, Workshops
  • Attending Association Conferences (maximum 30 points, no minimum)
    • Examples: In-person attendance at Conferences, Annual Meetings of ATTP Member Associations, Regional AUTM Meetings
  • Live Online / Hybrid Training (maximum 15 points, no minimum)
    • Examples: Webinars, Online panel discussions, Live online courses with trainer(s), Pre-recorded training sessions with subsequent live online or face-to-face discussions of key concepts
    • Note that pre-recorded training and non-participatory webinars are not accepted

(This route provides the most straightforward and rapid assessment)

OR At least two of the following:

  • A list of professional qualifications attained or relevant courses attended that have assisted you to achieve the RTTP core competencies.  The name of the training/ awarding body or bodies should be provided with enough detail about the course/ qualification for the Panel to determine the relevance and level of the qualification. If you have undertaken RTTP accredited courses but have obtained fewer than 60 RTTP CE points, you may also include these in this list.
  • A list of ‘deals or projects’ undertaken of appropriate size, quantity and quality in proportion to your length of service/ experience.
  • A description of leadership roles in KE/KT/TT including size and scope of teams/ initiatives you have managed.

(These routes require more complex assessment and evidence and therefore may take longer to process)


You must be able to demonstrate that you have applied your knowledge and skills to lead a complex KE/TT project

This is achieved through a 1000 word Achievement Overview which is endorsed by your manager and submitted for assessment by your peers. The Achievement Overview can describe one or more of the following:

  • A complex and significant collaboration/ strategic partnership, which would not have happened without your input and which met the intended goals of the parties.
  • A complex and significant commercial deal which would not have happened without your input (e.g. licensing; substantial consultancy/ contract research arrangement(s); the creation of a spin-out company which you actively led through its pre-investment phase and that subsequently raised external funding, made an impact in its market or generated value for its shareholders.
  • A significant knowledge transfer initiative which would not have happened without your input and that resulted in new capacity, structures, funding, incentives or other developments that enabled demonstrable knowledge transfer/ knowledge exchange outcomes.
  • Sustained Leadership of KE/KT/TT activity over a number of years, leading a team(s) which has delivered significant KE/KT/TT outcomes due to the specialist knowledge, skills and experience provided by your leadership.

RTTP applicants should describe their skills and achievements relevant to these six competencies. These core competencies have been developed in collaboration with existing national frameworks in several key countries. The core competencies assessed for RTTP are:

  • Strategy & Business Insight – strategic thinking; market-led, entrepreneurial approach; business and commercial skills.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership – securing funding; leading negotiations; developing new ventures.
  • Effective Engagement – Communication, collaboration and influencing
  • Legal and Technical Knowhow – having the key legal, technical and domain related knowledge required to effectively transfer knowledge
  • Governance and Project Management – developing major initiatives to support KE/KT/TT; managing knowledge and information flow; and developing and managing systems and processes for knowledge exchange
  • Knowledge Transformation and Management - administration of systems and processes to support the effective transfer or exchange of knowledge

Detailed Description Of Core RTTP Competencies, Skills, and Experiences



The Routes to RTTP

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Achievement Overview


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