The Routes to RTTP


The requirements for submission for the award of RTTP have been streamlined. These changes are largely in response to requests from the ATTP member Associations. The RTTP Peer Review Committee, which has reviewed many hundreds of RTTP applications over the years, has helped to shape and welcomes the new criteria and the more straightforward path to RTTP.

The headline changes are:

  • The three ‘Routes’ will now be merged into one with a similar set of criteria being a mixture of relevant training and track record (evidenced by technology transfer deals and initiatives led). For people applying through Routes 1 or 2 the changes will have little impact on their application.
  • The requirement to submit an ‘Achievement Overview’ now extends to all applicants, including (for the first time) those who would formally have applied through Route 3.
  • Applicants need to have at least three years’ experience in ‘academic to business’ technology transfer before they are able to apply for RTTP status.
  • The scope of the kinds of ‘Achievements’ that can be described in the Achievement Overview have been broadened to reflect the breadth of technology transfer (knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange) across the globe.



Candidate RTTP is a new designation that allows entrants to the profession to signal that they have committed to a pathway of training and development leading to the award of full RTTP status.  It indicates to employers that they are serious about their career and aspire to meet the highest standards. They may use the designation ‘Candidate RTTP’ after their name.

It is normally expected that Candidate RTTP designation will be sought after around 6 months in post (typically at the halfway point of a probation period) by which time the Candidate and their manager will be able to judge their suitability and commitment to the Pathway. As with the full RTTP designation, there are three requirements: KE/KT/TT experience, KE/KT/TT key skills, KE/KT/TT Achievement.

  • Experience<: The Candidate is working in a TT/KT/KE role in a country represented by a member of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP)
  • Skills: The Candidate is committed to skills development through training or working with a mentor
  • Achievement: The Candidate has developed a Career Aspiration Plan. The Candidate’s supervisor/ Line Manager/ Service Director has an important role in supporting the Candidate to achieve RTTP. The Career Aspiration Plan describes how the candidate hopes to see their career develop and sets out the training/ experiences/ mentoring that will help them to meet these aspirations.  This must be prepared either with the support of the Director, or a supervisor/ line-manager approved by the Director. 


All submissions can be completed using an online form.

The new criteria are set out in additional detail on the ATTP website