Chair's Blog APRIL 2019: Increasing R&D budget with significant economic and social impact


Over the next few weeks, pencils are being sharpened to draw up the business cases for the next government funding review postponed to the Autumn.  The battle lines are coming into focus as UKRI and businesses eye how to use the investment power of government to fuel the growth needed to meet 2.4%.  What is clear is that with the potential for an increased R&D budget (and perhaps a reduced teaching budget) universities are being asked increasingly to demonstrate significant economic and social impact from the research and teaching investment they receive.

RTTP: The Diversity of Professional Recognition


As I began to digest and summarise those first interviews, it was clear that I had not captured the full diversity of our community. Don’t get me wrong, the responses were very insightful. From it, I developed a solid grounding on what it means to be RTTP accredited by those who achieved it and, perhaps more importantly, how they achieved it. However, although I was able to get some views represented from America and Europe, I did not manage to interview any female Knowledge Exchange (KE) professionals.

I am pleased to say with a little more time, that changed.

RTTP: Up to date skills and expert knowledge - An interview with Anji Miller


Anji Miller, Senior Business Manager at LifeArc

Anji Miller is a high calibre Life Science professional with expertise in technology evaluation and exploitation, strong commercial awareness, and proven track record of contract negotiation and technology commercialisation. Anji is passionate about knowledge transfer policy, Intellectual Property protection strategies and exploitation, particularly patenting of emerging biotechnological technologies.