Career Aspiration Plan

(6 months+ into post)

Candidates should demonstrate that they fulfil the requirements by uploading the two documents described below to their application.

1. Director’s Confirmation

A brief, signed statement from the candidate’s Head of Office, attesting that:

  • the candidate is currently working in a TT/KE role (and has been for 6 months+);
  • the candidate is an individual member of one of the ATTP alliance associations (or works for an organisation which is a member of PraxisAuril); AND
  • s/he agrees to support the candidate to RTTP status through a programme of skills development and/or mentoring designed to meet their career aspiration.
2. Career Aspiration Plan

Developed by the candidate and their Line Manager, containing the following sections:

  • current situation and experience of the candidate
  • planned career path of the candidate
  • training/development required by the candidate to achieve their career aspirations, including any training courses accredited by ATTP and/or
  • mentoring required/mentor identified to support the candidate to achieve their career aspirations.

Applications will be checked by PraxisAuril to ensure that all the required documentation has been correctly submitted and in particular that the relevant Director has approved the application.

ATTP will then; register the candidate; send a letter/ email recognising that the candidate is now on the pathway, and confirm that s/he may use the Candidate RTTP designation.