New to the KE profession? (6 months+)

Candidate RTTP Pathway

Candidate RTTP is a new designation offered by ATTP that allows entrants to the Knowledge Exchange profession to signal that they have committed to a pathway of training and development, and that they are working towards the award of full RTTP status.

Applicants for Candidate RTTP status need to:

  • confirm that they are currently working in a TT/KE role and are a member of one of the ATTP alliance associations (or work for an organisation which is a member of PraxisAuril);
  • demonstrate commitment to skills development through training or working with a mentor;
  • develop a Career Aspiration Plan (supported by their Head of Office).

It is expected that Candidate RTTP designation will normally be sought approximately 6 months into post (typically at the halfway point of a probation period) by which time the candidate and their manager will be able to judge their suitability and commitment to the pathway.

If you want to show employers that you are serious about your career and you aspire to meet the highest international professional standards in Knowledge Exchange, apply for Candidate RTTP status.

Contact a member of the PraxisAuril team to find out more: