Research England report details how the first version of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) will work

Research England has released a report detailing decisions and next steps for the KEF following last year’s consultation and pilot exercises. PraxisAuril is pleased to see that comments and contributions from universities, businesses and other sector stakeholders – including many PraxisAuril members – have been taken into account in the final metrics, narrative information, clusters, eligibility and timelines.

PraxisAuril and Oxentia partnership will take customised Knowledge Exchange training global

PraxisAuril, the UK’s world-leading professional association for knowledge exchange practitioners, is partnering with Oxentia, Oxford’s Global Innovation Consultancy, to deliver a series of training courses in new international markets.


Sean Fielding appointed as Chair of influential university-business collaboration organisation, PraxisAuril

Originally published on the University of Exeter website

PraxisAuril is the national association which supports universities and businesses to work in partnership, sharing research and developing discoveries for the benefit of society and the economy.

The organisation represents over 5000 people in universities, public research bodies and industry and provides training and best practice in the sector.

NPL announces unique Fellowships programme to support the world’s leading scientists beyond funding cycles

LONDON 21 June 2018 – The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK’s National Measurement Institute, has today announced a new unique programme of Measurement Fellowships, funded by the government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. These aim to attract experienced scientists from all over the world and enable them to pursue career-long research at a world-class organisation.

BioHub Birmingham® tenant to develop rapid diagnostic test for mastitis in dairy cows

Abingdon Health, a tenant at the University of Birmingham’s bio-incubator, is developing a rapid diagnostic test for bovine mastitis, a common and serious health problem in dairy cows, which has an estimated £14-23 billion impact on the global dairy industry1.

Conference 2015: "Dealing with the Press" workshop report

This was an interactive workshop in two parts, with the first featuring "How to get noticed" and the second including a mock interview with journalist Adam Smith.

As an example of how to get noticed, a video of a new pan based on aerodynamic principles was shown, which originated from The University of Oxford. This was a good example of how video is increasingly used to promote technologies and engage audiences.