PraxisAuril and Oxentia partnership will take customised Knowledge Exchange training global

PraxisAuril, the UK’s world-leading professional association for knowledge exchange practitioners, is partnering with Oxentia, Oxford’s Global Innovation Consultancy, to deliver a series of training courses in new international markets.

Based in Cambridge, UK since 2002, PraxisAuril’s key focus is to develop, promote and connect its member practitioners, nationally and internationally. Partnering with Oxentia to customise and deliver international training courses will not only have a positive impact on the worldwide Knowledge Exchange sector, but also demonstrate the depth and breadth of the UK’s Knowledge Exchange expertise to the rest of the world. Deploying Oxentia’s extensive reach and experience delivering consulting and training courses in emerging economies, such as South East Asia and Latin America, will build capacity to enable expansion into more international markets.


Maxine Ficarra, CEO of PraxisAuril said in a statement:

“I am really pleased PraxisAuril is partnering with Oxentia to deliver world-leading training in new international markets. PraxisAuril has been delivering training programmes overseas for several years, mostly in countries where we have been able to support UK government aims to build trade links and showcase UK capability and excellence in knowledge exchange.  Our recent two-year programme delivered to 400 practitioners in China has demonstrated to us the opportunities that exist to extend our offer but most importantly, to connect people.  A wider range of perspectives and a shared understanding will enrich our network for the benefit of all. With many emerging economies looking to the UK as the world leaders in Knowledge Exchange, the opportunity to work with Oxentia is very timely.”


Alasdair Cameron, Director of Strategic Engagement at PraxisAuril added;

“Not only will these international training courses have an impact on the global KE sector, they will also afford our members a unique opportunity to engage with new global organisations and gain an insight into emerging economies. There is an exciting opportunity to create future international collaborations”.


The co-branded training programmes will be accredited by the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals, an organisation setting and maintaining global standards in Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer. With both PraxisAuril and Oxentia already offering RTTP accredited courses, the partnership will combine training strategies from both organisations into one new series. The new courses will be designed to enable professionals to earn enough Continuing Education points to fulfil the educational criteria requirement of becoming a Registered Technology Transfer Professional, enabling them to focus on deploying these skills to create impact and gain experience within their roles.


Steve Cleverley, CEO of Oxentia Ltd said;

“We are delighted to be working closely with PraxisAuril to customise and deliver training courses in our target markets of South East Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. Through the combined efforts of two recognised UK brands, we feel confident that new opportunities for KE/TT training can be identified and addressed.”


Oxentia was created in 2004 as an operating division within Oxford University Innovation Ltd (OUI), the world-leading technology transfer company of the University of Oxford. Oxentia’s mission is to provide high-quality innovation management consulting services and advice, derived directly from practitioners’ perspectives to organisations around the world – adding value and enabling economic growth at all levels. For fifteen years, Oxentia has been engaging with large corporate businesses and SMEs, university spin-outs, research organisations, and governments as well as academics from research institutions and universities across most continents of the world.