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PraxisAuril is working to collate public domain research, reviews and reports of relevance to the Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation community and its stakeholders. This content is collected from a range of sources, based on publicly available material, and will be updated on an ongoing basis. If you have content you wish to contribute, or if you have any comments please contact us on
Universities Scotland - Factsheet on Knowledge Exchange  
Author: Claire Brady, Russ Cummings, Tony Hickson, Tom Hockaday, Linda Naylor, Tony Raven, Clive Rowland, Cengiz Tarhan
The Technology Transfer Offices of Edinburgh, Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and UCL have collaborated to produce a briefing paper, “UK University Technology Transfer: behind the headlines”. The document, explains the role and achievements of TTOs, and answers some frequently asked...
Author: BIS
This report details findings of the relationship between public and private investment in R&D. Read more. This document is sourced from the website; copyright is retained by Economic Insights.
Author: Biotechnology Industry Organization
A study commissioned by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) documents the significant impact academic technology transfer makes on the U.S. economy. This document is in the public domain and is sourced from
Author: Government
This response covers the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee’s specific recommendations, and should be read in conjunction with “Our plan for growth: science and innovation”, the Government’s Science and Innovation Strategy (
Author: IPO
The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) launched an informal discussion document about a potential new IPO service in publishing patent applications in August1 last year. The document sought to discover what applicants wanted from the patent system and proposed ideas on how the IPO might change its...
Author: Economic & Social Research Council
The findings of this Evidence Briefing are based on the Enterprise Research Centre paper Public R&D policies and private R&D investment: a survey of the empirical evidence by Dr Bettina Becker. The paper provides a systematic review and critical discussion of research literature on the...
Author: Muthu de Silva and Birgitte Andersen
The research into how Technology and Innovation Centres generate value by strategically engaging in EU activities has been an open innovation project by excellence. State funded Technology and Innovation Centres play an important intermediary role in the European innovation landscape. They play an...
Author: The Academy of Medical Sciences, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society
To make the UK the best place in which to do research and innovation, the National Academies urge the next Government to: Place research and innovation at the heart of plans for long-term economic growth. Secure prosperity by strengthening public investment in research and innovation. Meet...
Author: AUTM
AUTM produced this briefing document as part of its advocacy program aimed at education, promotion, endorsement, advancement and protection of the technology transfer profession globally. This document is in the public domain and is sourced from