Catapults contributing to Europe 2020 - How to generate value by strategically engaging in EU activities

The research into how Technology and Innovation Centres generate value by strategically engaging in EU activities has been an open innovation project by excellence.

State funded Technology and Innovation Centres play an important intermediary role in the European innovation landscape. They play an important role as open innovators in moving technologies and ideas from concept to commercialization within the innovation ecosystems where they operate. They enable companies to engage in R&D, technology and innovation activities that extend beyond their in-house knowledge, expertise and own resources. These Technology and Innovation Centres are generally established by national governments, including in several European Member States. They are established in areas that present large global market opportunities and where there is a national capability both in industry and academia that could enable a significant proportion of the value added activity to be captured, delivering jobs and growth to their national economies.

You can see PraxisUnico’s response to the report here.

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Muthu de Silva and Birgitte Andersen
Publication Date: 
Friday, January 2, 2015