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Intellectual Property Office: Lambert tool-kit moves from BIS

As part of rearrangements in Government websites the Lambert tool-kit for collaborative research has now moved from the Dept Business, Innovation and Skills website to the Intellectual Property Office website.

The new web address is:

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) hopes that you find the Lambert website in this new location easy to use - the content remains the same.

The IPO would also like feedback about your experience of the Lambert tool-kit and, in particular, the model agreements.

BIS announces a package of £836 million worth of efficiency savings

The savings represent 3.9% of the department’s total budget.

They are part of the wider £6 billion in savings across Government, as outlined by the Treasury.

BIS is protecting spending on Research, Innovation, Business and Enterprise and student numbers in Higher Education, which will see an increase of 10,000 places

Instead, the savings will be delivered by through specific efficiencies, such as RDA funding and programmes like SBRI and the SME Adjudicator, and refocusing Train to Gain funding into new apprenticeships and investment in FE.

International Chamber of Commerce: A Roadmap for Business and Policy Makers

ICC's flagship IP publication - "Current and Emerging Intellectual Property Issues for Business: A Roadmap for Business and Policy Makers" - provides a comprehensive and concise overview of key intellectual property policy issues today for businesses and policymakers.

This popular ICC report is widely read by business, policy, and legal professionals worldwide, both within and outside ICC's international membership.

Research Fortnight: Drayson impact debate

Science minister Paul Drayson faced a hostile audience at a debate on the future of UK research at the Wellcome Trust in London last night. Surrounded by a panel of young researchers and science communicators, who at times seemed somewhat out of their depth, Drayson was interrogated by academics in the audience over impact assessment in research funding.

Full report here

New charity law guidelines

The Charity Commission publishes new guidance (9 June 2009) explaining how the requirements of charity law apply to research carried out by Universities and other Higher Education Institutions, particularly research conducted in partnership with non-charitable organisations. 

Unico has been working with HEFCE, the HMRC and the Charity Commission on developing this guidance. Session B2, Charity Law, Tax Law and Research - Implications for working with Industry on Thursday, 11 June (1330-1500hrs) outlines the problem, guidance and further implications.


David Secher granted the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion 2007

Professor David Secher is the recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion 2007, as announced in the London Gazette on Saturday, 21 April 2007. The award recognises Secher’s leadership role in advancing enterprise in the UK and improving the UK innovation and knowledge transfer sector. Most particularly, Secher has played in promoting a culture shift in enterprise and innovation amongst researchers and business managers.