UK Science and Technology Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Experts from industry and academia are being invited by the Home Office to provide groundbreaking innovations to help combat the threat of terrorism as part of the government’s science and technology counter terrorism strategy.

A new three-year science and technology counter terrorism strategy (new window) aims to:

  • understand future threats and opportunities
  • develop effective solutions
  • work with our international partners on counter terrorism-related science and technology 

Alongside the strategy, a brochure has been produced for science and technology experts, to put them in touch with key contacts.
Science and technology play a key part in counter-terrorism, enhancing our ability to pursue terrorists, prevent radicalisation, protect essential services and infrastructure and prepare for a terrorist attack. The government’s counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) has identified that terrorists will continue to exploit modern technology, not only to plan and conduct attacks, but also to disseminate propaganda and recruit people to their cause. The report sets out what the government is already doing to counter terrorism through science and technology.
The strategy and accompanying brochure set out key challenges and invite commercial experts to get in touch to see if they can work towards meeting the operational needs of the wider counter-terrorism community as well as our traditional partners such as the police, military and security services.