Spinouts UK quarterly (June 2019)

This edition of Spinouts UK looks at the ways in which universities can make the most of their environment: a hot-topic as the KEF and local industrial strategies dominate policy conversations in the sector, both seeking to understand and exploit the dynamics of research, business and locality. Spotlights on Swansea and the MIRA project in the Midlands are both great examples of playing to local strengths.

Easy Access IP

Easy Access IP is an international initiative supported by universities and research institutions with the aim of increasing knowledge exchange between the research base and industry, particularly small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The initiative has the aim of lowering barriers to entry by offering a simplified research licensing agreement. 

Collaborate to innovate - How business can work with universities to generate knowledge and drive innovation

This report discusses how to unlock and stimulate different forms of collaborations between universities and businesses, by drawing on a survey of 200 businesses, and in-depth interviews with 14 companies.

This document is in the public domain and sourced from http://www.biginnovationcentre.com/publications

The scale-up report on UK economic growth

The report makes recommendations for national and local government, universities, schools, colleges, large corporates and the media to improve the ecosystem for scale-up companies. 

The Scale-Up Report on UK Economic Growth by Sherry Coutu CBE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License and sourced from http://www.scaleupreport.org/

World Corporate Top R&D Investors: Innovation and IP bundles

This report looks at the innovative output of world’s top Research and Development (R&D) investors using patents and trademarks as proxy indicators. Essentially descriptive in nature, the study presents statistics about the patent portfolio of companies, and their trademark strategies to launch new products, and looks at the extent to which companies bundle these two forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to protect and appropriate the returns of their knowledge-based assets.

Making Industry-University Partnerships Work - Lessons from successful collaborations

This report was commissioned by the Science|Business Innovation Board AISBL. The Board is a Belgian not-for-profit scientific association that performs original policy research, engages with policymakers and the press, and works generally to improve the climate for innovation in Europe. Its members include Science|Business, ESADE Business School, INSEAD, Microsoft , BP, SKF, Foley & Lardner LLP, Aalto University and Imperial College London

Support to the development and implementation of Innovation Union commitment 21 on knowledge transfer

This report presents results of the first meeting of the Knowledge Transfer Stakeholder Forum on 13 February 2014. The forum was set up in the framework of the IU21KT Study to support the development of an action plan towards enhanced KT networks and KTO co-operation in Europe.