Spinouts UK quarterly (June 2019)

This edition of Spinouts UK looks at the ways in which universities can make the most of their environment: a hot-topic as the KEF and local industrial strategies dominate policy conversations in the sector, both seeking to understand and exploit the dynamics of research, business and locality. Spotlights on Swansea and the MIRA project in the Midlands are both great examples of playing to local strengths. As well as profiles of spinouts new to the database, the journal includes articles on the difficulty of assessing KE in metrics (by Adam Stotten, OUI) and a note from Spinouts UK parent company, Beauhurst, on how their data platform and anlaysis will start to inform conversations in this space. 

The publication can be seen in Flip format here or downloaded as a pdf from the website www.spinoutsuk.co.uk 

PraxisAuril is a Spinouts UK partner. 

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2019