Blog: KE Matters

Expanding the culture of KE

25 Nov 2020

  Suzie Leighton, co-Director of The Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE) introduces their latest initiative: the National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange (NCACE) funded by Research England and supported by a collaboration of four UK universities. Its mission? To facilitate and support capacity for knowlege exchange between higher education and the arts and cultural sector to expand perceptions and definitions of knowlege exchange.   

The inaugural ‘TenU hosts Economic Recovery’ event in five points

17 Nov 2020

As we start preparing for the next iteration of the series, ‘TenU Hosts Ecosystems’, we reflect on the inaugural event ‘TenU Hosts Economic Recovery’ held on 18th September (catch up on ). The series offers opportunities for US and UK policymakers, thought leaders and leading practitioners in research commercialisation to hold conversations on topical issues.

Policy engagement: a topical form of knowledge exchange

11 Nov 2020

PraxisAuril and ARMA recently joined forces on a knowledge sharing event about the QR Strategic Priorities Fund (QR SPF), allocated to HEIs eligible for Research England funding for the first time in 2019-20. In 2020-21, £29 million has been allocated with universities receiving somewhere between £50,000 and £1 million in funding. Funding is hypothecated but not so much so that it can’t be used in a way that suits local needs, ambitions and context.  

KE and Research Administrators - It’s all about the co-*

10 Nov 2020

Jon Hunt, Executive Director of Research and Enteprise, University of Bristol reflects on the 'age of knowledge exchange' - spurred on by the KEF and KEC - and finds it's an exciting time to be a KE professionals.  

The role of knowledge exchange skills in place-based policy

6 Oct 2020

KE policy is busy right now. Just as we get to grips with the KE Framework, the KE Concordat is being prepared for launch; we also have a review of HEIF on the near horizon and the long-awaited review of HE-BCI metrics is getting underway. 


Introducing TenU, a new international tech transfer collaboration

17 Sep 2020

  TenU is a transatlantic group of TTOs who have come together to leverage their combined TT knowlege and experience to tackle global challenges. Dr Ananay Aguilar, Policy Advisor for TenU, explains more.