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PraxisAuril has collected templates and toolkits that Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation practitioners may find helpful in their work. If you are seeking a specific template from our member community please contact us on If you have a template you would like us to consider for inclusion, please contact
Author: PraxisUnico
The Wilson Review commences with a quote from Lord Dearing, "Just as castles provided the source of strength for medieval towns, and factories provided prosperity in the industrial age, universities are the source of strength in the knowledge‐based economy of the twenty‐first century." Nearing the...
Author: PraxisUnico
PraxisUnico responded to the House of Commons Science & Technology's 2012 inquiry into research commercalisation. The Committee had identified the difficulty of turning research into commercial application - particularly the lack of funding in the so-called 'valley of death' - as a recurring ...
Author: PraxisUnico
We welcome the reference to sub-contracted R and D being included, however, we are concerned that the implication is that this may not always be the case (section 2.15 “Subcontracting of R&D work will not therefore necessarily prevent a group from meeting this requirement“). We would recommend...