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PraxisAuril has collected templates and toolkits that Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation practitioners may find helpful in their work. If you are seeking a specific template from our member community please contact us on If you have a template you would like us to consider for inclusion, please contact
Author: Tamsin Mann
PraxisUnico submitted this reponse to the UK Government's National Innovation Plan in May 2016. In it we highlight the contribution of the research base through innovation, commercialisation and collaboration; underlining the importance of personal and institutional relationships at local, national...
Author: PraxisUnico
PraxisUnico submitted this response to the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee as part of its inquiry into the UK Government's Productivity Plan "Fixing the Foundations" in Autumn 2015.
Author: PraxisUnico
PraxisUnico is pleased to have the opportunity to inform this review on behalf of our members. We look forward to making further contributions at the intermediaries workshop scheduled for 26th March at the Royal Academy of Engineering.
Author: PraxisUnico
AURIL and PraxisUnico provided a joint response to the LiSAB/ISF consultation: "Intellectual assets at the university-business interface: seizing the opportunity”.
As a Profession, we are supportive of the underlying objectives of the Protocol. It seems reasonable to us that a country should have the right to prevent unauthorized commercialisation of its ‘genetic materials and associated traditional know-how’ (hereafter referred to as Materials and Know How...
Author: PraxisUnico
PraxisUnico feels it is too soon to form a clear view about the progress of the Catapult centres. It is worth noting that there may still be some confusion among academics and business about what support a Catapult actually offers and how to engage with them. From the outside it can be hard to...
Select Committee Business University Collaboration Inquiry:  submission by PraxisUnico The strengths and weaknesses of business-university collaboration in the UK and the UK’s performance against international comparators
Author: PraxisUnico
PraxisUnico welcomes the Government’s supportive response to the recommendations of Sir Andrew Witty’s Review of Universities and Growth. We are particularly pleased that the Government acknowledges the great contribution made to innovation and economic growth over many years by UK universities,...
PraxisUnico welcomes the opportunity to input to the Witty Review. We expand on our input below in line with the questions posed but in summary we believe the building blocks are in place for a further step change in the role of universities in economic development. This must be managed alongside...
Author: PraxisUnico
We have reviewed the consultation document and whilst PraxisUnico is not an organisation which files patents in its own name its members include 112 universities and Public Sector Research Establishments are actively involved in the patenting process and would therefore wish to make the following ...