NIHR Brain Injury HTC Seedcorn Funding Competition Winners Announcement

The University of Cambridge are delighted to announce the following winners of the Seedcorn Funding Competition 2016/2017:

  1. Intra-operative detection of 2-Hydroxyglutarate: avoiding injury to normal brain during surgery for low grade gliomas. Mr Stephen Price, University Cambridge
  2. Cognitive training using an attention/concentration game in adults with brain injury. Professor Barbara Sahakian, University Cambridge
  3. Development of sensory stimulating orthotic insoles to aid balance and independent walking following brain injury. Dr Kristen Hollands, University Salford
  4. Evaluating retrodialysis as a focal delivery method in human brain. Mr Matthew Stovell, University Cambridge
  5. ApplTree - Memory aid software for people with acquired brain injury. Dr Matthew Jamieson, University of Glasgow
  6. The use of lower body negative pressure to reduce Intracranial pressure: a prelimary study. Mr Mark Wilson, Imperial College London
  7. Mobile app for the delivery of cognitive behavioural therapy following concussion. Mr Aimun Jamjoom, University Edinburgh
  8. Autoantibody screening for the prediction of outcome and neurodegeneration post-TBI. Dr Edward Needham, University of Cambridge
  9. Feasibility of identifying modifiable risk factors for the prevention of TBI. Dr Julie Mytton, University of the West of England, Bristol
  10. Aptitude: Novel Aptamer Technology for Measuring Interleukin at the Bedside. Dr Susan Giorgi-Coll, University of Cambridge
  11. Closing the digital divide and enhancing participation in social and leisure activities for individuals with acquired brain injury through near filed communication technology. Professor Rachel McCrindle, University of Reading
  12. Development of virtual-reality based concussion assessment prototype. Dr Michael Grey, University of East Anglia
  13. Rheolytic Thrombectomy For Adult Intraventricular Haemorrhage (RTIVH). Dr Karol Budohoski, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Since the competition opened in May 2016 we received 31 applications and out of those 13 have been awarded.

The furthest organisation to be awarded, University of Edinburgh, thank you for your application Aimun Jamjoom, we look forward to hearing of all future research through the app you produce. Much closer to home, Dr Susan Giorgi-Coll, University of Cambridge, we wish you every success in your study for Measuring Interleukin at the bedside and look forward to hearing of your findings. Please find attached the HTC Announcement with all awarded applicants. 

Details for the competition 2017/2018 will be communicated early August via the website (

Areas for potential application can be found on our website as well.

We encourage all to apply and anticipate another competitive and successful round.