New Era in Precision Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer Research UK invested £10 million for the development of new treatments for pancreatic cancer. They announced today that the treatments are set to be transformed by a network of clinical trials aiming to find the right trial for the right patient.

The PRECISION Panc project aims to develop personalised treatments for pancreatic cancer patients, improving the options and outcomes for a disease where survival rate have remained stubbornly low.

Professor Andrew Biankin, a Cancer Research UK pancreatic cancer expert at the University of Glasgow, said: “PRECISION Panc aims to transform how we treat pancreatic cancer by matching the right treatment to the right patient.

The programme will ensure discoveries from the lab rapidly reach patients, and that data from clinical trials feed back into research of the disease.

The funding will also provide comprehensive support through project management, funding staff and a steering committee.

For more information about Cancer Research UKs investment and the new development in pancreatic cancer treatment visit the link.