HE Provider Data – Business and community interaction survey 2016/17 is now available

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How do HE providers engage with business and communities?


Find out by consulting the following survey:

HE Provider Data – Business and community interaction survey 2016/17. Now available as open data via the HESA website. 

The open data release reveals the extent of UK universities engagement in the economy, and the application of their work outside of academic environments, via a series of interactive tables.

It provides information about the nature and volume of interactions that HE providers have with businesses and wider communities.

Information is taken from an annual survey: The Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey.

This survey collects data on providers’ ‘third-stream’ or ‘knowledge exchange’ activities (that is, activities concerned with the generation, use, application and exploitation of knowledge and other capabilities outside of academic environments).