Practical Licensing 13-16 November 2018

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Is this course right for me?

The course is designed for people with some experience of licensing, e.g. they have run a few smaller deals themselves or have been involved indirectly in a larger licensing deal. Delegates will probably have been working in a tech transfer role for somewhere between 12 months and 3 years. 

Those with experience of research contracts, even without direct commercial licensing experience, will also find this beneficial – although the focus of the course will be on a stand-alone licensing deals, licensing issues will often need to be addressed as part of a research contract negotiation.

The course is viewed from the perspective of universities licensing their technology to industry (which may include to a spin-out company), but it’s equally valuable for those working in industry who are dealing on the other side of the fence as it will enable them to understand the unique pressures that a university is under when licensing its technology. 

It may also be useful to those working in funding bodies, particularly those that require or expect the universities to undertake some form of commercial exploitation of the work to better understand the complexities and difficulties of striking a licensing deal.

This is a natural follow on course to Fundamentals of Technology Transfer; indeed, many of the topics introduced there are developed further in this course.

Delegates are not expected to have any legal training, but a basic understanding of IP will be beneficial.


Why should I attend this course?

  • Licensing is a common route for knowledge exchange, but the complexities can make this a slow and painful process. 
  • Licensing early stage technology is often difficult. Universities in particular face unique challenges on the terms they can accept when licensing their IP that industry is not always aware of.
  • This course will give the delegates the tools they need to better structure their licence deals and give them the confidence to negotiate the key terms.
  • Licensing is not just relevant for the ‘big ticket’ tech transfer deals; licence terms are often included in research funding agreements, collaboration agreements, etc.


What will I learn from the course?

  • Learn how to formulate a licensing strategy (which will include a financial strategy)
  • Understand the key issues in a licence agreement and how the principles inter-relate
  • Gain confidence for negotiating the terms of a licence agreement
  • Understand and be able to assess the risks of ‘less than favourable’ terms.
  • Explore both successful and unsuccessful licensing case studies and identify what worked and what could have been improved.
  • Learn how to manage the licensing relationship post-signature.

The course also focuses on networking, providing a valuable platform to meet peers, discuss best practice, and interact with the course team and other contributors.


PLEASE NOTE: There may be a requirement for delegates to undertake some pre-course work/reading before the course begins.


What makes this course different to others available in the sector?

PraxisAuril is able to deliver this training from the unique perspective of KE practitioners. We see the world from the same angle as you do!

We draw on a wide pool of experience and expertise from within the profession and build them into the course content, ensuring we are always delivering up to date, sector leading training and development.

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20% discount on group bookings

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The course fee includes:

  • Attendance at all lectures and workshops
  • Training and reference materials (electronic or otherwise)
  • Registration event (including buffet dinner & drinks) on Tuesday 13 November 2018
  • Networking event (including buffet dinner & drinks) on Wednesday 14 November 2018
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch every day


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13th November 2018 - 16th November


Course Fee (Members £1,045) £ 1175.00