Government Response to the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Report on Business-University Collaboration

This response covers the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee’s specific recommendations, and should be read in conjunction with “Our plan for growth: science and innovation”, the Government’s Science and Innovation Strategy (w

BIS Insights from international benchmarking of the UK science and innovation system

Science and innovation are at the heart of the UK’s future success. They are critical to growth in productivity and business investment, our comparative advantages in the global race and our ability to address societal challenges. The context is dynamic, however, as other nations also take this view and are investing accordingly – creating both opportunities and risks.

Knowledge Exchange Performance and the Impact of HEIF in the English Higher Education Sector

Knowledge exchange (KE) activity generated £2.68 billion for English higher education institutions (HEIs) in 2011/12. Income from this type of activity continues to grow, albeit at a slower rate since the onset of the severe economic recession than previously. The aggregate growth rate has fallen over the period 2004-2008 from 6.6% per annum to 3.3% per annum (excluding the effects of the wind-down of the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs)).