A Review of Business–University Collaboration (The Wilson Review)

Since the Lambert Review (2003) there has been a huge change in both the quantum and the quality of business–university collaboration. This change has not only been stimulated by government funding initiatives but also by a growing realisation, within both business and universities, of the central role of universities in providing high‐level skills, a world‐class research base and a culture of inquiry and innovation. Universities are an integral part of the supply chain to business—a supply chain that has the capability to support business growth and therefore economic prosperity. However, a sustainable supply chain is not a simple linear supplier–purchaser model; strength and resilience in such a supply chain is derived from close collaboration and an understanding of each party’s priorities and capabilities. The objective is to attain world leadership in business–university collaboration; improvements need to be made in the supply chain to attain that status.

This document is in the public domain and is sourced from the www.gov.uk website.

Professor Sir Tim Wilson
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2012