PraxisAuril responds to the UK R&D Roadmap (August 2020)

PraxisAuril responded to the UK government's R&D Roadmap which set out long-term objectives for research and development (R&D) are clear: to be a science superpower and invest in the science and research that will deliver economic growth and societal benefits across the UK for decades to come, and to build the foundations for the new industries of tomorrow. This was supported by the unprecedented commitment at the Budget to increase public investment in R&D to £22 billion by 2024 to 2025. 

PraxisAuril's response focused largely on the role of the UK's 'engagement professionals' and on the strong foundations that the UK has in knowledge exchange to meet the Roadmap's challenges and objectives. 

A copy of the response can be downloaded. Enquiries should be directed to Tamsin Mann, Director of Policy & Communication.  

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, August 12, 2020