PraxisAuril responds to the Select Committee inquiry 'A new UK research funding agency' (July 2020)

PraxisAuril submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Science & Technology Select Committee inquiry 'A new UK research funding agency'. 

The December 2019 Queen’s Speech set out the Government’s intention for:a new approach to funding emerging fields of research and technology. It will provide long term funding to support visionary high-risk, high-pay off scientific, engineering, and technology ideas. 

The accompanying briefing note explained that this would be broadly modeled on the US DARPA. The March 2020 Budget stated that the Government would “invest at least £800 million” in this “blue skies” funding agency, which would fund “high risk, high reward science”.

PraxisAuril's input to the consultation was concerned with creating the best conditions for Knowledge Exchange and enabling our members to stimulate innovation, productivity and growth; locally, nationally and internationally.

Details of the inquiry and all submissions can be found on the Select Committee's webpage

Publication Date: 
Friday, July 31, 2020