Case Studies & Success Stories

There are numerous case studies of best practice in Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation, some of which we have gathered below. We recommend NCUB's The State of the Relationship report as a good collection of case studies along with trend analysis. If you are new to collaborating with universities, we also recommend CBI's Best of Both Worlds
Practical & Innovative Solutions for Manufacturing Sustainability (PrISMS) is a unique programme from the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) aiming to transform the growth prospects of 50 start-ups and 70 SMEs across the Eastern region – KEC helps create new jobs and...
A PhD student who wanted to commercialise some previously unpublished work of a lesser-known poet, through a publishing company that requires its authors to have a licence, was helped to achieve his goal by KEC professionals.
World-leading science from Warwick University is taking significant steps to address the decline of the honeybee. Research commercialisation professional, Andrew Lee, has identified a route to market and commercialisation plan for the technology to accelerate that progress.