The PraxisAuril KE Awards

The PraxisAuril KE Awards embody the high standards of UK Knowledge Exchange and recognise the people, partnerships, deals and initiatives that underpin this world-class activity.

Organised by PraxisAuril, the UK’s professional association for Knowledge Exchange (KE) practitioners, The PraxisAuril KE Awards celebrate the people who help to initiate and deliver impact and outcomes from public and private funded research through a diverse range of partners and activities.

Telling the stories of KE innovation and impact continues to be crucially important for the sector and these examples of outstanding performance offer huge potential to share and apply learning in many new areas. We have refined our existing awards and introduced some brand-new award categories. These have been designed to engage new audiences and to extend the profile and understanding of knowledge exchange activities by a broader range of influential stakeholders.

For more information about the KE Awards, please visit the dedicated The KE Awards website.