PraxisAuril Welcomes New Member, Ship Shape


We are thrilled to introduce a new member organisation to the PraxisAuril community, Ship Shape Search Ltd. Ship Shape are joining over 180 organisation (and over 5000 individual) members in the ever-growing network of Knowledge Exchanges professionals, to benefit from the PraxisAuril mission to Develop, Promote and Connect practitioners across the UK, and the world.

About Ship Shape

Ship Shape’s Fathom solution finds investment needles in haystacks. Imagine: knowing the right individual at the right VC for each and every idea, IP, and Spin Out of PraxisAuril member universities. Ship Shape is uniquely positioned to help Technology Transfer Offices, Commercialisation Managers, Knowledge Partners et al. become more informed, equipped and confident during their search for investors and discovering the investor landscape.

Joining PraxisAuril
Ship Shape is pleased to be a member of the PraxisAuril network alongside great institutions and companies. We recognise PraxisAuril as being the centre for knowledge exchange and it’s a no-brainer for us to join. We can bring great value to all the members of PraxisAuril, and we will benefit from being at the centre of RTTPs’ world. We are excited to bring together our experience and network and grow with the support and community of PraxisAuril.

“Discovering PraxisAuril was a wonderful moment for me, discovering the great work done across the country to be a world-leading part of the ATTP. British Universities are producing exceptional ideas that can be commercialised, and it’s wonderful that the UK has such a great body and so many RTTPs that enable that commercialisaiton.

For us as a business PraxisAuril allows us to ‘put in’ and ‘get out’, we put in time and effort to help the ecosystem and we get out access to great universities who can sign up to our services. Win-win. We’re looking forward to our journey.”  -  Alistair Baillie, Co-Founder & COO

We hope you will join us in making Alistair and the team at Ship Shape feel a part of the family.


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