PraxisAuril welcomes the Independent Review of University Spinouts

PraxisAuril welcomes today’s publication of the Independent Review of University Spinouts and its recommendations for spinout practice in UK universities in partnership with external investors.

Engagement between PraxisAuril members and the Review team has been open and constructive since the launch of the Review in March 2023, providing opportunities for PrA members working in university research commercialisation posts across the country to be part of the debate and contribute their perspective on commercialisation practice. 

PraxisAuril members have unique insight into the day-to-day practicalities, technicalities and challenges of engagement between universities, other research organisations, investors and stakeholders of many kinds. Our members promote a broad range of knowledge exchange activities including research commercialisation, which is almost without exception pursued at a cost to the university. This cost can be justified because other values are created by spinouts such as further research collaborations, papers and Impact case studies. It is also important to acknowledge that spinouts are not a KE priority for many universities where KE is a mission critical activity. 

David Russell, CEO at PraxisAuril said: 

We recognise the need for continuous improvement in the processes surrounding university spinouts, and our members have shown through their commitment to this Review that they want to engage positively and proactively to create the best possible environment for university spinouts.

PraxisAuril will now reflect on the Review with members and propose a course of action to deliver the commercialisation skills and standards needed for a flourishing KE community in the long-term. We also look forward to working with sector stakeholders, including TenU and the University Commercialisation and Innovation Policy Evidence Unit (UCI), on pathways for implementation of specific recommendations.

You can read our previous commentary on the Review here