PraxisAuril and our AHSS CoP are offering free tickets for Conference 2024

We are excited to announce our new initiative to foster inclusivity and encourage greater participation from a diverse range of individuals in the knowledge exchange (KE) sector at the PraxisAuril Conference 2024.

PraxisAuril and our Arts, Humanities and Social Science CoP are offering five free tickets each through our Advocate Package to the PraxisAuril Conference 2024. Please read carefully the information provided below and apply.


  • Studying in the Field of Knowledge Exchange (KE): Applicants must be currently enrolled in an academic programme related to knowledge exchange, such as a master's degree or a doctoral programme (PhD), or 
  • New to Knowledge Exchange (Less than 12 Months): Applicants must be new to the knowledge exchange sector and have less than 12 months of experience in a professional capacity, or 
  • Signed up to the CoP registration and completed the feedback survey

Ticket Benefits and Responsibilities: 

Each selected applicant will receive a free ticket, which includes access to all conference sessions and the gala dinner. 

Applicants are responsible for covering their own accommodation and transportation expenses to attend the PraxisAuril Conference 2024. 

Selected candidates are required to fulfil the following responsibilities: 

  • Write a blog post summarising their experience at the PraxisAuril Conference 2024, including insights gained from sessions attended and overall impressions of the event. 

  • Consent to a video interview during the conference to capture the candidates' experiences, key takeaways, and reflections on their experience. 

Application Process: 

Interested candidates should submit their applications via

Applications must include: 

  • Full name 

  • Email address 

  • Current academic institution or organisation 

  • Brief statement explaining their interest in knowledge exchange and how attending the PraxisAuril Conference 2024 would benefit their professional development (max 300 words) 

  • Confirmation of eligibility by providing relevant documentation (e.g., proof of enrolment in a PhD programme, confirmation of less than 12 months of experience in KE)

  • Agreement from line manager to attend conference if successful, name and email address required of this individual 

  • Agreement to fulfil the responsibilities outlined above if selected 

The deadline for applications is Friday, 03 May 2024. 

Selection Process: 

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of representatives from PraxisAuril and conference sponsors. Selection criteria will prioritise diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within the KE sector. 

Successful applicants will be notified via email by Friday, 10 May 2024

We look forward to receiving your applications and welcoming selected candidates to the PraxisAuril Conference 2024. 

For any enquiries or further information, please contact