PraxisAuril and EAUC Join Forces to Celebrate Excellence in Sustainability

PraxisAuril and EAUC have embarked on a journey that celebrates sustainability, innovation, and collaboration within the education sector. As part of their commitment to promoting positive change, they proudly announce their reciprocal sponsorship for two prestigious awards, the KE Awards 2023 and the Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland.

EAUC's Dedication to Collaboration and Net Zero

EAUC, known as the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education, is a member-based non-profit organisation based in the UK and Ireland, with a global network of higher and further education professionals. Serving as the hub for the education sector, their work bridges gaps between knowledge and action in sustainability, bringing new perspectives, ideas and innovations into view.

As part of the EAUC's mission to drive sustainability within the sector and recognise the vital role that collaborations play in achieving this goal, they are pleased to sponsor the KE Awards 2023 - Net Zero Collaboration of the Year category.

This category acknowledges the important role of partnerships in actioning Net Zero targets and encourages the knowledge sharing that these produce. Moreover, such collaborations enable a greater diversity in ideas and voices, which increases the scale of impact.

The EAUC is pleased to support the positive actions the sector is taking in reaching Net Zero, with hopes that these efforts will bring lasting collaborations and connections between sectors. They also encourage applicants in this category to sign up to the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges and to apply for the Green Gown Awards.

PraxisAuril's Commitment to Sustainability

In return, PraxisAuril is honoured to sponsor the Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland - Research with Impact, highlighting the remarkable sustainability initiatives universities and colleges undertake worldwide.

This category recognises the importance and societal impact of research and development by post-16 education as a driver of sustainable development and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

By sponsoring this award, PraxisAuril seeks to acknowledge and encourage pioneering research initiatives that generate tangible impact, aligning with our core mission of advancing knowledge exchange and collaboration between academia and industry.

A Reciprocal Promotion of Excellence

We invite all eligible institutions to participate in both the KE Awards 2023 and the Green Gown Awards. By doing so, you can showcase your dedication to sustainability, collaboration, and innovation, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.