KE Concordat Team Launches Repository of Good Practice Arising from KEC Development Year

PraxisAuril is pleased to support the launch of the KE Concordat repository, as hosted by the NCUB. The repository features good and innovative practice in knowledge exchange across all eight KEC principles and is a significant outcome of the KEC development year. It also includes links to KE toolkits and guides, including PrA’s ‘Practical Guides’ series, that are available for use by HE institutions.

David Russell, CEO PraxisAuril said:

The KE Concordat is a vital part of the KE sector’s professionalisation and the KEC repository is a valuable part of our evidence base, alongside activity and output metrics, for KE practice and performance. We look forward to supporting the KEC on an ongoing basis and to continuing our learning around KE skills and practice.

The KEC has also provided unique insight into the day-to-day practicalities of engagement between universities, research organisations, external research users and investors of many kinds. It has brought to light internal dependencies and relationships – notably with other administrative departments – which also contribute to successful KE.

Tamsin Mann, Head of Policy & Governance at PrA, and member of the KEC Operations Group said:

We see high value in the KEC’s development of eight principles that create conditions within which KE practitioners, external and internal partners can thrive. KEC opportunities go beyond external relationship building and to the very heart of institutional structure and process.

The KE Concordat has been developed by and for the sector since its launch in late 2020. Its focus on institutional leadership and processes positions KE alongside teaching and research as a core university mission. Importantly, the approach recognised that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to knowledge exchange. It also highlighted the need for professional development not only among KE professionals but also the many audiences for KE in research and industry. As such, the KEC has the potential to be a framework for our KE professional development toolkit alongside training courses, peer-to-peer networking and the KE skills framework.

About the KEC

The KE Concordat has its roots in the McMillan review of Technology Transfer (2016). PraxisAuril and its members have demonstrated commitment to the KEC throughout the development year and recent discussion at our annual conference (June 2023) indicated a positive future for the KEC as part of individual and organisational KE development and ambition.

To find out more please visit the dedicated KEC portal: