CEO Update – September 2021

CEO Update – September 2021

A warm welcome back to the world of work after the summer break! As we look ahead to Autumn and 2022, I thought this would be a good time to give you a flavour of all the things that we have been working on behind the scenes and have planned for you in the months ahead.

A busy timetable of PrA training programmes continues online from September to December.  We’ve learnt how to deliver courses and events in new ways and virtual learning is definitely here to stay, not only because it clearly enables access for a whole new swathe of KE practitioners but because it also provides more choice and flexibility for individual learners.

We’re very keen to get back to some f2f delivery alongside our virtual events and will announce the 2022 schedule for those shortly, along with the changes we’ll be making to procedures for registration and attendance.  Our intention is to run our June 2022 conference both f2f and live streamed from Brighton, to accommodate those of you who are keen to return to in-person events and those of you who prefer an online experience for whatever reason.

Programme planning for the conference is already high on our list of priorities, not least because 2022 is our 20th anniversary year and we want to make sure we make the most of that platform to profile the KE profession and your stories of impact and success.  Looking back to inform the way forward, we expect to hear from both KE practitioners and your colleagues across the KE ecosystem – and we want to see some new faces up on stage next year as we explore what the next generation of KE practitioners are already doing to innovate in KE, as did their predecessors.

New blood, new horizons

Also well underway is our campaign to recruit new volunteers to the PraxisAuril ranks, something that will enable us to create a new range of programmes and services for launch in the first half of 2022.  I’m delighted that we have several volunteer practitioners contributing for the first time to those development plans and particularly to the consultation phase that we are now entering as we prepare to establish our online Academy for KE.  

Whether your interest lies in planning and tracking personal career development; in assessing KE skills; accessing a hub of KE knowledge and best practice; accessing new training topics; understanding more about KE policy; arming yourself with stories of KE impact and success; sharing insights with peers and stakeholders; or listening to podcasts and webinars with invited guests from across the KE world, you can help us to shape our plans by letting us know what would be most valuable for your professional development.

Celebrating success & addressing diversity in KE  

It’s not long to go now until the 2021 KE Awards, coming up in November, and the judges are already busily shortlisting all the fantastic entries.  We are really looking forward to sharing those brilliant stories of KE innovation and success with you and with the sector at large. Thank you and good luck to everyone who has submitted an entry. 

Next on my list is convening our EDI focus group for PraxisAuril members. I envision a series of regular discussions amongst members, plus roundtables with invited guests, to ensure that we maintain focus in this crucial area. If you would like to hear more, then sign up to our special interest group on the PrA online discussion forum.

PraxisAuril is a vibrant and unique network of KE practitioners with a whole range of specialisms and approaches and we are working hard to harness that diversity of expertise and experience to ensure that it is shared and showcased for the benefit of all. 

Please contact me or any of the PrA team if you would like to get more involved with any of the projects outlined above. 

I look forward to seeing many of you online – and even f2f – very soon!

Maxine Ficarra,

PraxisAuril CEO


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