Tim Boyle takes the Chair at ATTP, the Global Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals.

ATTP, the global alliance of national peak professional bodies for commercialisation, industry engagement and entrepreneurship, has a new chair – Dr Tim Boyle, Director of Innovation & Commercialisation at ANSTO, Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. At ANSTO, Dr Boyle leads nandin, ANSTO’s Innovation Centre and drives strategic initiatives towards challenge-based innovation, research commercialisation and economic development.

Announced this week at the ATTP Council Global Summit, Dr Boyle succeeds former Chair of three-years, James Zanewicz, Chief Business Officer at Tulane University, Louisiana, USA. On the appointment, Mr Zanewicz remarked, “I can think of no-one more qualified to assume the position of Chair of ATTP. Dr. Boyle has a truly global perspective on the knowledge transfer profession, and his vision and passion to enhance connectivity and advance global standards are much needed in the world we currently find ourselves in.”

Dr Boyle said he was thrilled about his new appointment and embraced the opportunity to achieve greater positive impact in a “rapidly evolving field with profound changes in government, industry and research due to the COVID-19 pandemic”, adding that "there has never been a better time to be involved in the research commercicalisation profession."


“Given the current unprecedented circumstances, there has never been a better time to be involved in the research commercialisation profession. Our industry is a key enabler of economic development as we transition towards a knowledge-based economy and society is looking towards science and innovation to lead the path to recovery.” 

PraxisAuril Chair, Sean Fielding, said "On behalf of PraxisAuril’s UK and international membership, I’m delighted to welcome Tim as ATTP Chair. There’s never been a more important moment for us to work together as a global professional community as we ‘rebuild and renew’ from the global pandemic, addressing economic and social challenges whilst innovating for the future.” 


PraxisAuril CEO, Maxine Ficarra, added “We’re proud to be a founding member of ATTP because it enables us to offer our members internationally benchmarked and accredited standards of training and qualification (RTTP).  While the global pandemic has challenged ‘business as usual’ there are tremendous opportunities for international collaboration as we see the potential of online engagement. This is something that I’m excited to explore with Tim’s leadership at ATTP”.   


Boyle concluded, “I welcome all the opportunities and challenges that the role of ATTP Chair brings and look forward to working with this rapidly expanding group of professionals. We aim to globally align initiatives to take research to new frontiers of commercialisation and discovery.”



About ATTP: ATTP - (formerly The Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals) is the global rooftop body for Research Enterprise and Innovation. Representing over 20,000 individuals through an alliance of 14 international peak professional associations, ATTP is the custodian of the definition of the profession and confers the world-recognised Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) designation. The RTTP credential is the only global standard recognising Technology Transfer/Knowledge Exchange/Commercialisaton practice. You can find out more at www.attp.info and via PraxisAuril's website https://www.praxisauril.org.uk/RTTP.