PraxisUnico response to HEFCE's business plan 2015-2020

PraxisUnico welcomes HEFCE’s commitment to sector leadership at a time of financial and regulatory uncertainty. We support HEFCE’s endorsement of Knowledge Exchange as set out in its business plan and the importance it assigns to universities as enablers of a resilient knowledge economy.

We also welcome HEFCE’s recognition of the wide-range of roles that HE institutions play in nurturing enterprise and entrepreneurship; such roles have become embedded during the HEIF investment period meaning that universities now play a vital role as active anchor institutions in their local environment for social and commercial enterprise. 

We therefore support HEFCE’s case for continued and predictable HEIF funding as a key enabler for KE activities across the private, public and voluntary sectors at local, national and international levels. HEIF should continue to be a distinct funding stream from HEFCE to signal its continuing significance. 

In addition, we particularly welcome the stated intention to work with stakeholders to understand opportunities and risks, inform policy, and provide leadership for the sector.  UK knowledge exchange is respected internationally and we look forward to working in partnership with HEFCE to maintain and enhance this reputation: by informing practice and policy, and by promoting the interaction of universities and business based on the exchange of best practice and training.