PraxisUnico response to the EU Referendum

The result of the EU referendum creates a period of change with new challenges for the UK research community and the knowledge exchange and commercialisation practitioners who work in it.

The UK leads the way in Europe on translating research into innovation and we will continue to play a key role, collaborating with our colleagues in excellent businesses and universities throughout the continent.

The UK has a strong international heritage and track record in delivering impact, and PraxisUnico remains committed to connecting members and stakeholders to enable that work to continue. Best practice remains best practice wherever it is found, and collaboration continues to remain vital to unlocking innovation and enabling impact. There are opportunities for our members in Europe, and despite the potential difficulties around EU patent and trademark frameworks we will continue to work in partnership with our international colleagues to deliver social and economic impact, both within and outside of the UK.

We are aware that there may be issues to work through in the future and we will assist our colleagues in government and elsewhere as they seek to resolve them in the most favourable way for the UK as a whole.


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