PraxisUnico responds to the Dowling Review

PraxisUnico's response to the Dowling Review of business university collaborations sets out our views on how business university collaborations can be supported successfully and for the long-term. The response re-iterates points we have made in previous consultations regarding the success factors for Technology and Knowledge Transfer. We also emphasise the need to increase engagement and investment on the demand side, and the need for secure and stable investment for collaborative activities, resources and personnel. Specifically, the HEIF stream has contributed significantly to the ability of universities to develop collaborations by providing finance to stuimulate and support multi-disciplinary collaboration which respond to industry needs. HEIF has been used across a very wide range of activities, all of which have the objective of attracting and securing industry engagemnt for the longer-term. HEFCE estimates that the return on public investment from HEIF knowledge exchange funding is 6:1.

The full response is available to download here.

Please contact PraxisUnico's Policy Officer, Tamsin Mann ( if you have any questions or comments on the response.