PraxisAuril responds to the KEF consultation (Feb 2018)


PraxisAuril members have helped to inform our response to the KEF consultation launched by HEFCE's Technical Advisory Group. Since 2015 we have worked with HEFCE to understand better the characteristics of good and effective practice in KE and support whole heartedly the work of the McMillan Group on which some of our members sit. We welcome the KEF as a next step in this work and will continue to engage fully to represent our members’ views as expert KE practitioners working across the UK's university sector. 

We see the aims of the KEF as:

  • Providing tools for universities to be ambitious, to learn from the success of others and to improve their KE performance.
  • Giving external audiences - business, investors, government – in particular, confidence in the UK’s universities to engage for economic and social impact.
  • Putting knowledge exchange activity in the context in which it is carried out so that there is better understanding of strengths and weakness in performance across the UK; not just in terms of university 'supply' but also in terms of external demand.


These are all aims that PraxisAuril supports. The full response can be downloaded here.

Our Chair, Dr Angela Kukula,  has also written about the challenges of measuring knowlege exchange and innovation activities from her perspective as Director of Enterprise at the Institute for Cancer Research.