Knowledge Exchange Framework portal launched

HEFCE has launched a new portal dedicated to sharing best practice in Knowledge Exchange (KE). The KE Framework portal will identify and develop communities of practice and their materials across the full range of knowledge exchange actvities. 

A report by Research Consulting forms the basis for the summary of existing communities of practice, and links will be added as the scope of the framework expands. Development of the framework will include periodic ’deep dive’ reviews of areas of KE policy and practice, such as the recent McMillan Review of Technology TransferPraxisUnico, AURIL and other sector stakeholders have been working with HEFCE to develop the portal and provide resources and will continue to be closely involved as the project continues. 

The KE Framework portal is part of a package of support aimed at keeping English university knowledge exchange operating at world class standards. Further details can be found on the HEFCE KE Good Practice webpages