KE Concordat consultation response

PraxisAuril and ARMA have submitted a joint response to UUK's consultation on the proposed KE Concordat, building on our existing engagement with sector stakeholders including Research England, Innovate UK, NCUB, GuildHE, PraxisAuril, NCCPE and UUK in the development of the KE Framework overall. 

Together PraxisAuril and ARMA represent a significant proportion of the professional support for business engagement and research collaboration in UK universities and have a critical role to play in implementation of the Concordat. Our summary response to the KE Concordat consultation reflects our perspective on the opportunities and challenges that the Concordat, and associated metrics, presents for our members and member institutions.

Just like the KEF metrics exercise, the Concordat is changing the narrative around KE and bringing it to the fore in university strategy. We welcome this. Our view is that the Concordat will be another tool, alongside the KE metrics and narrative pieces such as the NCUB's annual 'State of the Relationship' report, to demonstrate that the UK is world leading and highly effective in knowledge exchange. Alongside the partnerships and outcomes that are generated by a wide range of KE activities, our policy and advocacy work has long called for better recognition of Knowledge Exchange staff and activities in UK universities. The Concordat responds to that call. 

A copy of the consultation response is available to download here