2017 Training Schedule announced

Research Contracts: March 20-23 / 12-15 Sept

This course will help research contract professionals to develop technical knowledge that will help them confidently draft, interpret and amend contracts, whilst building strong relationships and consensus with their stakeholders.


Fundamentals of Technology Transfer: 28-31 March / 10-13 Oct

Success in a technology transfer role requires a breadth and depth of knowledge and specialist skills. This course covers all aspects of technology transfer office activity, including patents, copyrights and contractual arrangements, to facilitate the commercial development of intellectual property by licence to spin-out and established companies.

Practical Licensing: 25-27 April

This course focuses on licensing, the process that starts when we file a patent and finishes once we have signed the deal. The course follows the process through identifying potential licensees, persuading them that they want the technology and then concluding equitable and watertight deals with them.


New Venture Creation: Launching a high growth spin out company: 9-11 May

Following on from New Venture Creation 1, this course will provide a substantial grounding for those wishing to understand more, or reinforce learning already gained, about forming new companies.


Developing Strategic Partnerships: 14-16 Nov

Managing long-term complex relationships with external organisations can be challenging. This course will help those who are just moving into business development management or looking to expand their role working case-by-case to a more strategic model.

Courses currently open for bookings are available hereFor further information or to register your interest in courses which are not currently open for booking, please contact us by email at: training@praxisunico.org.uk If there are course topics you are interested in which are not in our current 2017 training schedule, please get in touch. We also offer bespoke training.