CoP Registration

PraxisAuril: Community of Practice for AHSS Social Venture Building and AHSS Commercialisation in Partnership with the ESRC

Massive thanks to everyone who took part in the inaugural workshop series to launch our Community of Practice. We had a fantastic range of speakers, and it was great to have so many of you engaged in these important first conversations.

Coproduction is at the heart of this CoP, and we have got some important first insights around what you need to see as we design the future of professional standards, development and standardised policies across the sector.

The best way to stay connected as we move on to the next phase of community building is to join our new LinkedIn Group (Impact-led Commercialisation).

The insights we are gathering will guide future activities, so stay tuned to be a part of targeted sessions ahead of the next workshop run in January. We are already seeing how more structured networking is a valuable offering from this CoP, and have heard that CICs, accreditation and impact-led commercialisation communications are what you want to be connected to help support.

Future themes will include:

  • Metrics for Social Venture Success

  • Linking to HEI Strategies to Communicate Self-Sustained Impact

  • Funding for Impact-Led Ventures

  • Collaborations for Impact-Led Commercialisation

  • Plus more...

If you have any ideas, questions, or would like to be a part of organising the targeted networking sessions we will set up over the next few weeks then get in touch at

I look forward to continuing to build this important network so we can connect and support each other in defining and advocating for the support needed to make impactful research enterprise a normalised part of university work for all disciplines.

CoP Coordinator: Arnie King