Research England report details how the first version of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) will work

Research England has released a report detailing decisions and next steps for the KEF following last year’s consultation and pilot exercises. PraxisAuril is pleased to see that comments and contributions from universities, businesses and other sector stakeholders – including many PraxisAuril members – have been taken into account in the final metrics, narrative information, clusters, eligibility and timelines.

The KT Boundary

The geologists amongst you will be familiar with the KT Boundary - between the Cretaceous and the Tertiary periods. Below the boundary layer, there’s loads of evidence of animal life.  Above the boundary - nothing.  It is generally agreed that this was caused by the huge meteorite which changed the environment and wiped out most life forms on Earth 65 million years ago.

Sean Fielding appointed as Chair of influential university-business collaboration organisation, PraxisAuril

Originally published on the University of Exeter website

PraxisAuril is the national association which supports universities and businesses to work in partnership, sharing research and developing discoveries for the benefit of society and the economy.

The organisation represents over 5000 people in universities, public research bodies and industry and provides training and best practice in the sector.

Our New Year resolution - Building the world's best university-business collaborators

The previous chair of the board Angela Kukula, along with Dave Bembo, Martyn Davies and Carole Barron did extraordinary work to bring together the two organisations, PraxisUnico and AURIL, and for the first time we now have a single organisation representing over 5000 people in universities, public research bodies and industry.  This is a fantastic resource to help drive the target of 2.4% of GDP for R&D and to grow the best knowledge economy in the World.  There is plenty of eviden