PraxisAuril – Making a national asset of UK Knowledge Exchange

We know the UK has been punching above its weight and now ranks 5th in the Global Innovation rankings. The proportion of R&D funding contributed by industry in the UK is 15% higher than in the US.  Over £40bn has been invested in UK universities over the past ten years by businesses and other organisations to find solutions to their business problems. Last year there were over 350,000 contracts between universities and businesses. And the spin-out race between the UK and US is neck and neck with UK investments in spin-outs beginning to edge ahead.

Research England report details how the first version of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) will work

Research England has released a report detailing decisions and next steps for the KEF following last year’s consultation and pilot exercises. PraxisAuril is pleased to see that comments and contributions from universities, businesses and other sector stakeholders – including many PraxisAuril members – have been taken into account in the final metrics, narrative information, clusters, eligibility and timelines.

The KT Boundary


Amongst the global Knowledge Transfer community, there is increasing discussion about what our profession is actually all about.  The European Knowledge Exchange Association (ASTP) held its annual conference in Dublin this week and there was a real interest from across the Continent in redefining our profession so that we can explain the importance of our role to funders and stakeholders.  PraxisAuril will be playing a leading role in this and helping to shape the global standing of what we do. 

Chair's Blog APRIL 2019: Increasing R&D budget with significant economic and social impact


Over the next few weeks, pencils are being sharpened to draw up the business cases for the next government funding review postponed to the Autumn.  The battle lines are coming into focus as UKRI and businesses eye how to use the investment power of government to fuel the growth needed to meet 2.4%.  What is clear is that with the potential for an increased R&D budget (and perhaps a reduced teaching budget) universities are being asked increasingly to demonstrate significant economic and social impact from the research and teaching investment they receive.

Sean Fielding appointed as Chair of influential university-business collaboration organisation, PraxisAuril

Originally published on the University of Exeter website

PraxisAuril is the national association which supports universities and businesses to work in partnership, sharing research and developing discoveries for the benefit of society and the economy.

The organisation represents over 5000 people in universities, public research bodies and industry and provides training and best practice in the sector.