PraxisUnico response to ‘British Invention: Global Impact’

PraxisUnico welcomes the Government’s supportive response to the recommendations of Sir Andrew Witty’s Review of Universities and Growth. We are particularly pleased that the Government acknowledges the great contribution made to innovation and economic growth over many years by UK universities, and we look forward to working with our partners to do even more.

PraxisUnico response to Nagaya Protocol

As a Profession, we are supportive of the underlying objectives of the Protocol. It seems reasonable to us that a country should have the right to prevent unauthorized commercialisation of its ‘genetic materials and associated traditional know-how’ (hereafter referred to as Materials and Know How)’ and to share in the revenues resulting from such use.

PraxisUnico Submission to the consultation on International Patent Law Harmonisation

We have reviewed the consultation document and whilst PraxisUnico is not an organisation which files patents in its own name its members include 112 universities and Public Sector Research Establishments are actively involved in the patenting process and would therefore wish to make the following submission.

PraxisUnico Response to the Wilson Review

The Wilson Review commences with a quote from Lord Dearing, "Just as castles provided the source of strength for medieval towns, and factories provided prosperity in the industrial age, universities are the source of strength in the knowledge‐based economy of the twenty‐first century." Nearing the end of the Review Sir Tim concludes "However, in the broader aspects of 

PraxisUnico's Witty Review Submission

PraxisUnico welcomes the opportunity to input to the Witty Review. We expand on our input below in line with the questions posed but in summary we believe the building blocks are in place for a further step change in the role of universities in economic development. This must be managed alongside maintaining support for basic research.

Practical Guide to General Legal Issues in University Contracts

This Practical Guide will provide a brief, practical overview of some legal issues that are commonly encountered when drafting and negotiating university contracts. Some of these issues concern the basic framework of contract law, which underpins university contracts and makes them legally effective (or not). For example, has “consideration” passed from both parties to the contract? Has the right person signed the contract? Does the contract need to be in any particular format?

Practical Guide to Key Issues in Managing Technology Transfer Agreements

This UNICO Practical Guide covers a selection of topics that are relevant to the management of technology transfer (TT) agreements and relationships. These range from the initial ‘due diligence’ that is done prior to the decision to engage in TT activities, through to the monitoring of a licensee’s performance under, and the termination of, the TT agreement. These are ‘generic’ issues, common to many types of contracts that universities encounter. For a detailed discussion of particular types of agreement, please refer to other Practical Guides in the series.