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Why Ireland? ' Expanding Horizons' - PraxisUnico Conference 2015

17 Mar 2015

This year PraxisUnico visits Dublin and the Conference comes to Croke Park.

How to write a good Impact Award entry

12 Mar 2015

Have you got something in mind you want to enter for The Impact Awards?

The Life Cycle of a PraxisUnico Consultation Response

10 Mar 2015

Anyone working in the technology transfer and knowledge exchange sector will have noticed that reviews and consultations crop up with relative frequency.

The Future of Technology and Innovation Centres - Event Report

3 Mar 2015

Sue O'Hare, Chair of PraxisUnico, attended this Inside Government event on Feb 24th, and shares the following insights. 

Book Review - Adam Jolly, "Working with Universities"

25 Feb 2015

In "Working with Universities", Adam Jolly has produced a very accessible and comprehensive "How To" guide.

Among other esteemed colleagues, Innovate UK’s Dr Debbie Buckley-Golder, HEFCE's Alice Frost, NCUB’s David Docherty, Scottish Enterprise’s Bill Corr and PraxisUnico's former chairman Douglas Robertson contributed to the contents and the resulting book is broad in scope yet thorough in detail.

BIS Report: Reaping the benefits of public/ private collaboration

17 Feb 2015

Mike King, an economist based at the National Physical Laboratory (one the UK’s leading PSREs), who has also worked for BIS, gives his view on the recent BIS report: Estimating the effect of UK direct public support for innovation.